Unified portal UAN How To Create the New UAN and Registration Process

Simple Process Using The New Unified Portal For Employers

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has launched the latest unified UAN portal for both employers and employees because the portal of UAN will assist you to check the balance in EPF, to download your passbook and UAN card. The new launched unified portal has the facility to check and update the KYC status. The EPF has changed to the new Unified portal with the combination of UAN and ECR filling in online as well as another facility in online banking support. One can use the unified portal for online payment through multi-banking and also services for online registration through a single portal.

The new process for the portal is made around the UAN so that it is called as the UAN employer portal. The universal account number is given to every EPF member at the starting of their work in the company. Now, EPF transfer and EPF withdrawal become very easy because of the UAN. The UAN employer portal is the single platform for the employers which are used to interact with the EPFO and employers. With the UAN employer portal, the employer can work all the tasks from top to bottom such as from member registration to EPF contribution.

Responsibilities of employer for EPF are:


  • Create Universal account number for the new employee
  • It is used to upload the KYC information
  • The member can update the family details and nomination of all the employees
  • Deduct the employee share from the employee wages

Because of these compliances by the employers, the organization of EPF now provides the online UAN portal by registering and the fill the necessary details about the employers.

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Unified portal

What’s new in the unified portal?


  • The electronic challan cum return filing system instead of ID based so that the new UAN employer portals are used as the UAN based portal.
  • The employer can make use the new employer portal UAN to payment in online basis through any of the banks which is called as the multi-banking payment method.
  • The employer can allot UAN to the employee with the new unified portal so you don’t want to deposit the contribution for assigning UAN and ECR is not necessary for UAN.
  • Before filling the ECR, the employer must connect the new Provident Fund account with the UAN
  • The employer should connect the same KYC documents to another UAN then you are allowed for the new UAN.
  • The details of the employer should be carried from the previous UAN so that employers don’t want to fill your details again.


Steps to create the new UAN

There are some steps to create or generate the UAN for the first time employee.

  • The employee should get the EPF declaration so that you can use the personal details online.
  • Must bring the copy of Aadhaar card
  • Enroll the name, father’s name, date of birth and date of joining of the employee for the future use.
  • Now submit the form so that the employer will get the UAN for the employee.
  • The generated UAN must be used for the submission of ECR because UAN is mandatory for ECR.

Methods to connect the UAN for a new member

If the employee changed the job then they must give the UAN to the employer of the new job because it is used to check the personal details of the new member. If the KYC is not discovered then the new UAN will not be issued by the employer in the new job. The employer must select the radio button of the previous employment if the employee has the UAN because it provides you the chance to enter the UAN. The personal details of the new employee will be displayed after entering the radio button by the employer. If you want to change the details of the employee then you proceed in this process. This is the method to register the links of the new employee to the previous UAN but the employers don’t want to create the UAN.

Registration process for the new UAN portal for employers


  • The employer must register at the portal to login into the employer UAN portal.
  • Select the term and condition then read it and click submit
  • Fill the details of the employer and company
  • After entering the mobile number, the employer will get the PIN and use the PIN to register
  • Click the register button then the employer will receive the SMS with username and password for login first time.
  • Now go to UAN EPF Employer Portal
  • Login with given password and username to create the new username and password.



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