UAN Status Through Online By simple steps to Get Status

Some Essential Process to Check your UAN Status Online

The UAN are termed as the Universal Account Number. The Universal account number will establish as an umbrella for several member Ids that are allotted to person through different establishments. The Universal account number will assist the members to view the details of each and every member identification number linked to it. If the member is already be allotted to the universal account number, then he or she are acquired to offer the same on of joining new establishment to enable an employer to an in-turn mark a newly allotted member identification number to already allocated of the Universal identification number. The Universal account number is assigned by the employee’s fund organization only. An UAN gives a huge number of benefits.

Procedure to Check the UAN Status in Online:

Employee provident fund members can check the UAN status through by online on the official website. If you are the member of an employee provident fund organization, then you activate your UAN. The universal account number can enable at employee provident fund organization member portal. The activated Universal Account number can assist you to get a huge number of conveniences and facilities. Each and every employee’s provident fund organization members are issued a unique Universal account number. The Universal account number is twelve digits, and it is unique to each and every employee. The numbers are published to the members with the lifetime validity. The number will remain the same that regardless of change of workplaces. Already, if you are the provident fund member and you does not receive the Universal account number, then you have to check the UAN status through by online. The members can also check the UAN status with an employee.

There were an enormous number of useful facilities are provided for the Universal Account Number. The workers can also now see the Universal account number through by their bank accounts, PAN, and Aadhar. This will save many hassles for the workers while they are withdrawing the provident fund. The Universal account number cannot change with the modification of the company. Employees activate a host of UAN numbers. Firstly, you must have to collect the UAN number from the employer. If your number is not generated then you have to utilize the process to track a UAN status.

The workers can track and create the UAN status without the help of the employers. The requirement of tracking the Universal account number status is your employee provident fund member ID. A member ID is twenty-two digits unique numbers that are given to each and every EPF members. Go and visit the Employees provident fund organization login page for more details and information.

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Follow the step by step procedure to check the UAN status online


  • Go and visit the official website i.e.
  • Choose an appropriate choice from drop down of menus for the state and region
  • A first two box for the employment provident fund number will get fill
  • Now you have to type an extension code, and establishment code to complete the employment provident fund account number.
  • Next, you have just to leave an extension code to blank, if you do not have it in the Provident fund account number.
  • If you don’t know about the establishment code, then you look at this link. i.e.
  • After filling all these details, then you have to click Check Status
  • Now, the UAN status will be displayed on your computer screen. The status will indicate that if your UA numbers are already be generated or not.
  • Finally, you get the message whether UAN numbers are be generated or not.

Check UAN Status Through Your  Phone:

If the Universal account numbers are not be allotted, then you can send the request for allocating it. To get the universal account numbers through SMS on your mobile, you have to follow the choice given at the right side of the page. Then you have to enter each and every mandatory field such as name, DOB, and cell number. Enter your captcha code and password. Press an option of ‘Get PIN.’ Then you will receive a PIN number on your mobile. Now enter it in PIN field, and press submits button. Finally, you have received the UAN status allotted through your phone. For UAN generation, there will take minimum of seven days.

The UAN registration gives much more independence to the workers. The workers can easily get the useful details for the provident fund account from the web portal. With the UAN activation, the workers can download month e-passbook of their employee provident fund account. Check the UAN status and get a huge number of facilities to update your account number details through by online.




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