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EPFO Member Portal Login

EPFO is a Member Portal Login. Learn how to login to EPFO member portal for all available online for you to easily amities provided to the employees by EPFO, India. EPFO’s Login facilities are offered by different online portal for employees. Employees Provident Fund is One of the most popular and important projects for the employees’ Working in various private companies and factories. It has been started by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India with the sole aim to strengthen Factories and other employees in the private sector.

Private companies are generally recorded with more than 20 employees them self with Employees Provident Fund Organization. All of our programs and facilities provided by the government for their employees, so that you may get benefited. Now check the status of all workers and their Employees Provident Fund balance online from home. EPFO our governments have launched many projects login members and also provide funds and budget for the same.

Group, manages provident fund contribution, Engaged in the organized private sector pension plans and insurance programs HR. As per new amendments in the EPFO schemes An employee if he or she has served at least 10 years to get a pension after 60 years or more in an organized private sector. Insurance cover is also provided to the workers.

Now let me tell you how it really works. To deposit a certain portion of your salary deducted each month in your EPF account. The employer contribution is accounted for in their employees. The EPF is managing only by the EPFO, India, under the Ministry of Labor Act and Employment, Government of India.

EPFO has introduced EPFO login for online features a wide variety of users. The main objective of this initiative taken by EPFO India is to reach more and the employee brought a revolution in the world of easy and digitization as it is one of the most important scheme of Our Prime Minister, namely example for digital India. Now they are going to get some of these facilities self, members need to EPFO members login register.

EPFO Login for Members to EPFO Portal

Employees Provident Fund, taking into account all of the staff are eligible to sign up online at this portal. After registration, you can login to your account and use various online facilities like balance checking, Passbook printing, etc. EPF members no longer need to visit the nearest office. Any user ID and password do not need more members.  Any member can sign up and login using his mobile number and document number the individual who must be registered members of the mobile number provided. Both can record the same mobile number. No document like PAN card, Aadhar card, voter identity card or passport can be used and the number of any of these documents Portal can be used during the login process. EPFO Employees login (Member Portal) to be able to use electronic or uploaded to their employer Challan cum Return on the portal.

Download EPFO Login Member Portal App

EPFO login in order to use the services from your mobile, you can use the mobile app EPFO. One can easily download the mobile app EPF login from Google Play Store. Once you download the app on your smartphone will be able to enjoy all the EPFO members after Portal Services. You can also access your using a request to the inoperative account. All facilities of member portal and UAN membership portal can now use your smartphone with the help of this app.

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How to do UAN/EPFO Login?

UAN Member Portal Login, you have used the user ID and password. When the same user ID and password to your UAN number which was created at the time of UAN activation. UAN if you forget your password, you can recover it. An OTP sent to your mobile number to reset your password.

After the login, UAN room you want to achieve. You will get the following option in the control room of UAN.

Employee Provident fund Organization Portal Services

Employees Provident Fund balance test employees, PF account is a summary of an employee based on conditions such as the right to education and various services. Complaint registration grievance, pension’s portal and PF detailing their interest rates, PF limit the maximum amount of the contribution, pf contribution rates from both employee and employers. Member’s details correction and Other EPFO pension plans and savings, insurance plans.

UAN portal comes into force before the General Epfo login portal widely used. However, some people are still using Epfo Member Portal. Most people Epfo balance test portal Visit purpose every month.


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